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Pick-up from Dubai Airport and Drop-off anywhere in Dubai City for just AED 150!
Pick-up from Dubai Airport and Drop-off anywhere in Dubai City for just
AED 150!

Trips & Drop-offs


hourly packages

Pick-up from Dubai Airport and Drop-off anywhere in Dubai City for just AED 150!
Pick-up from Dubai Airport and Drop-off anywhere in Dubai City for just AED 150!

Wedding Cars

Riding a beautiful wedding car during your special day with everyone around you gazing in wonder, you'll be overcome with great joy and that feeling is priceless. Getting a wedding car for hire will not be easy but we provide them for you at affordable rates. Our transportation can be of any type- limousine or sedan or a customised wedding car - but we never compromise on the quality or on the service that we provide. We are the best wedding car rental service in Dubai because unlike others who deliver the car but not on the quality, we take into account your wishes and help you choose the right car for the occasion so that it is a most memorable ride, especially for you and your future spouse

A Trusted Chauffeur to Drive You to Your Wedding

Once you are inside a limousine, to have a trusted chauffeur who have had years of experience parading happily ever after couples to their weddings, will make your ride safe and secure. The chauffeurs that we have at our service have dealt with several previous weddings and know how to create the perfect ambience inside the limousine. They know the routes if you are inadvertently stuck and need to take a detour, and they will bring you to the ceremony with ample time to spare and once it is over, they will give you the privacy needed to rejoice in each other's arms. This is a promise when you choose our wedding limo transportation service in Dubai.

Book Your Choice Dream Car before Anyone Else

As previously said, selecting a wedding car is not an easy thing, and if you are not able to do it fast enough, the transportation would be hired by someone else before it. With Limo in UAE Wedding Car Services in Dubai, you can select from a range of wedding cars which all are perfect for your perfect wedding in Dubai. But since you are not the only looking for a bridal car in Dubai, there will be higher demands. So instead of waiting for the last minute for choosing that all important transportation limo, you should choose the rental now itself. This is because you would definitely not want to be sharing the bridal car with another couple in the same special day, and then it wouldn't be so special, would it? So, hire your wedding car from Limo in UAE's Service.

Bring along all your friends and guests in our cars

A wedding is going to have all kinds of people at the ceremony and it is probably your responsibility to hire transportation for them. Like it was said, you will have a much stress-free time on your special wedding day when you ride in your wedding limousine. This is why when you select for your wedding car, you should also get the guests to your wedding their own rentals so that everyone is accommodated with proper transportation and everyone can have great and fond memories of your wedding. This will make sure that they will compliment you nicely for the special treatment that they were given on your day. Therefore choose Limo in UAE Wedding Car Rentals so that everyone involved in your wedding retains happy memories.

See the wedding cars before you choose them

Of course, you would like to see your transportation before you finally decide on selecting the ones which will be used for your wedding and Limo in UAE Services in Dubai has the option of giving you a special screening of the vehicles that you'll be renting for your wedding.