Luxury Yachts

We are a leading luxury yacht rental in Dubai with a variety of astounding yachts in Dubai. You can choose from our selection of premium yachts and enjoy the perfect yacht trip of your dreams experiencing the awe-inspiring scenic and architectural ebullience of the Dubai Marina.

Nothing is going to be as memorable as enjoying a day out in a luxury yacht in Dubai. We offer a range of luxury yacht rental Dubai. Limo in UAE's luxury yacht rental Dubai can be your ideal choice for a unique experience in Dubai. We offer 56, 64, 90, and 220 foot yacht Dubai. We create five-star travelling experiences tailor-made to fulfill your demands. We have with us a range of luxurious yachts.

Our Premium Yachts

  • 56 Foot Princess Yacht
  • 64 Foot Yacht
  • 220 Foot Yachts Lotus
  • 90 Foot Big Boss

Enjoy the thrill of an oceanic voyage, make your travel dreams a reality with our yacht rental Dubai. Sail on a sophisticated yacht with comfort and extravagance. Book yachts from the best yacht rental Dubai and be ready for an exciting time in the sea. We offer an interesting and captivating range of yachts with all manner of amenities. They have music systems, sophisticated interior, air-conditioned deck, kitchen, bar, BBQ facility, dining lounge, and saloon.

What's included in our yachts:

  • Luxurious Unique Interior
  • Full Air-conditioned Upper Deck
  • Music System
  • Saloon
  • BBQ Grill Machine
  • Bar
  • Unlimited Ice
  • Soft drinks & Bottled Water
  • 4 Bedroom
  • 4 Washroom
  • Kitchen
  • Professional Captain & Crew
  • Dining Lounge

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