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Jan 17

January 17, 2021

luxury car rental Dubai

Smart Travel Accessories You’ll Need In Your Next Trip

Finally, it’s 2021, and it’s all about traveling safer and livelier. Here are a bunch of smart travel accessories you should have in your travel pack. 1. Neck Pillow Travel pillows mimic actual pillows and keep your head safe from moving forwards while you travel. High quality travel pillows made from micro beads or memory foam can give complete support for your head. They are ideal for long and short travels and can be used while you travel in car, train…

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Oct 3

October 3, 2020

luxury car rental Dubai

The Ultimate Road Travel Checklist – Travel During The Pandemic

Your checklist to prepare for a road trip during the COVID-19 pandemic by Limo in UAE, the luxury car rental Dubai. 2020 is all about staying safe and washing hands. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic is putting some control and curb on our travel plans. The whole world has reached a phase where we are learning to deal with Coronavirus. This year was a setback for travelers and for everyone who has planned a journey. If you are planning…

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Jun 25

June 25, 2018

Luxury Car Rental Services in Dubai

Luxury Car Rental Services in Dubai

Dubai is the commercially affluent destinations in the world. People from all over the world including travelers, businessmen, diplomats etc. visit Dubai every year. It is the favorite travel destination for tourists and businessmen alike. Dubai is the place that is best known for its luxury. You can luxury vehicles, huge buildings, shopping festivals, cruise etc. everywhere in Dubai. This kind of extravaganza has attracted more and more tourists every day. That is why Dubai is known as the Las…

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Jul 29

July 29, 2016

a limousine interior

The Advantages of Luxury Car Rental Dubai

There are several advantages to getting yourself a luxury car rental Dubai, of course, the main reason that would be obvious would be that you don’t have to purchase the vehicle outright, but it is not just limited to that, for luxury car rental Dubai entails several other advantages that come along with it. Indeed, one can say that it is a great equaliser and the promise of living in a dream city like Dubai. Here are the advantages of…

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