Facts about the Dubai Palm Islands You Should Know

Facts about the Dubai Palm Islands You Should Know

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The Palm Islands were not built in a day. It was meticulously planned and created with millions of cubic metres of sand poured onto the sea.  Numerous feasibility studies were made to review all the different aspects of the Palm – civil engineering, marina design, transportation and the technology involved. A deep underwater survey was even conducted to whether the underwater rocks were stable enough to hold the island.

The palm islands are one of the main attractions in Dubai because of the palm shape that defines the shorelines which are its namesake, and the crescent that borders its top. The crescent for a little-known fact acts as a breakwater and is made up of rocks, sand and fibre. Having more than 300 openings, the breakwater has the capacity to resist storm surges and hurricanes.

This just happens to be one of the few things that can be seen from space. The geometry and the scale of the palms are incredible in scale.

The whole project was completed by combining more than 100 million cubic metres of sand, 7 million tonnes of rock, for each of the islands. It is also planned that a humongous monorail, a sea-tunnel be built to connect the island with the mainland. A process called Rainbowing was used, which involves the using dredger ships to spray the sand in its place, to hold the sand in its place.

The Shoreline of Dubai was increased by a tremendous amount of 166 percent with an approximate amount of 180 kilometres of shoreline being added when the Palm Jumeirah was completed.

There weren’t any real palm trees here on the islands, in the beginning, therefore a lot of the palm trees were grown in nurseries and later planted alongside the beaches and the houses.

Although the leisure destination of Palm Jumeirah has been so far been completed, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira are significantly larger. The Deira is touted to be the residential and the commercial capital out of the entire archipelago and will be featuring numerous malls, sporting facilities, and marinas. The Jebel Ali is the second largest and will be an entertainment hub while the Jumeirah is the ultimate haven for leisure.

The Palm Jumeirah is among the most attractive of the locations here in Dubai because of the fact that it itself contains several attractive locations and spots inside of it. The aesthetics of a palm-shaped island aside, one of the premier hotels in the world, The Atlantis is located on the crescent, while the Fairmont Palm & Resort gives a lot of richness to the hotel industry over there in the Palm.




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