What types of Limousines are available in dubai?
What types of Limousines are available in dubai?

What types of Limousines are available in dubai?

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In Dubai, you are going to find a whole roast of vehicles driving on the roads, and you can find them in all different shapes and sizes.  If you are looking for a limousine in Dubai that you would want to have, then you are going to have a lot of varieties to choose. The image that is usually conjured up when the words limousines are said is that of a stretch limousine. However, stretch limousines are just one kind of a limousine, because limousines are not a car type but a label plastered on to any car which is used as a vehicle for hire. That being said, you cannot call a taxi car a limousine, because limousines are usually cars that are steeped in luxury.

Stretch limousines are the archetypical limousines. They are extravagant and are really the default choice for celebrities and the wealthy. These limousines can accommodate quite a number of people and is also loaded with a number of amenities such as lounge sofas, neon lights, television sets, and a mini bar. These limousines are usually utilised during the time of premier or a wedding or for corporate events.

Luxury sedans can be termed under the label of a limousine if they are being used for the basic purpose of transportation by the hire. Several sedans can be used for this purpose, anything from Lexus to Chevrolet. Sedans, unlike stretch limousines, are not elongated vehicles, they have restricted space. Although they are restricted, they have an intimate setting, and if you are looking to find a limousine in Dubai where you can share with a special one, then it is definitely better to choose a Sedan.

Then there are limousines that are meant for rougher paths. 4X4and SUV’s can also be considered limousines. These are of course used for the carriage of a larger number of people than sedans abut less than the capacity of limousines. If you are looking for cars that can drive you out of the roads into places such as desert landscapes and arid regions, it would be better these car formats as limousines in Dubai.

All these limousines in Dubai can be hired by you at an affordable rate. No longer are these limousines the domain of only the rich and those who could afford it. Now you can get them for yourselves at affordable costs. Of course, a limousine wouldn’t be a limousine if did not have chauffeurs, and when you hire a limousine in Dubai, you can get your own chauffeur –



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