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The History Of Limousines And Limousine Rentals – Limo In UAE

July 30, 2020|Posted in: Limo in UAE

Here’s the history of limousines and limousine rentals by Limo in UAE.

Why is it so special about traveling in a limousine? Almost all of us love to travel and if it’s in a limousine, then the trip will be more comfortable and luxurious. 

Limousines are popular for its luxury amenities. Especially in our modern world, limousines offer the utmost comfort, and moreover, it is like experiencing luxury on the wheels. Advanced safety features, convenience, and comfort made limousines a common travel choice.

There’s something special about stretch limousines. And that is why they are attention-seeking. Limousines evolved to how they are looking to right now takes the story of a hundred years.

The Story Of A Hundred Years

Do you know who is the inventor of limousines? Well, history says that “stretch limousine” is invented in Fort Smith in 1928 by Armbruster Stageway Company. Armbruster was a coach company and their cars were used to transport famous bandleaders, their team, and orchestras. These limousines are often referred to as the “big band buses”.

All credit for the invention of stretch limousines completely goes to the US. From transporting the big bands to the invention of funeral cars, the uses of limousines were increasing inch by inch.

Even before automobiles arrived, rich people who own expensive carriages add compartments to their carriages leaving the passengers separated from the driver.

The word limousine is introduced in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1902.

After the arrival of automobiles, similar to carriages, in 1916, the US Society of Automobile Engineers defines limousines as “a closed car seating three to five inside, and the driver seat outside, covered with a roof.”

From No Luxury Limousines To Luxurious Limos

limo in UAE

At first, limos had no luxury associations. They were used as delivery vehicles in Paris as they are spacious and keep goods safe. Later, these limousines are used to transfer people from one place to the other.   

Limousines became popular from 1930 as several hotels started to transfer their guests from the airports. Due to these airport transfers, these limousines are called the Airport Stretch Coach. People also started to use these stretch limousines for sightseeing tours. At the same time, the limousines grab the attention of the movie industry as well. Limousines were used to carry the crew and later, it has become a style statement among the celebrities. 

Over these years, Limousines have gone through a lot of changes to turn into an ultra-deluxe vehicle with all the luxury facilities to ensure the comfiest ride to its passengers.

The Choice Of The Privileged

Thomas Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the US, seems to have been the first among presidents to use a limousine as a means of transport. Later the limousines became a sense of status among the privileged people. Besides, the phrase “luxurious limousines” appeared in a romance novel in 1922.

The first limo service was introduced in 1921 by James P. Carey in New York. Down the line, several countries across the world explored the possibilities of limousines in the field of luxury transportation. 

Limo In UAE

Dubai established its prominence as a business and commercial hub throughout the last decades. The emerging transportation needs lead to the introduction of luxury limousine rentals in Dubai. 

Limousines have become an inevitable travel choice among corporates and travelers.

limo in UAE

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Limo in UAE has become one of the most leading luxury limousine rental services in Dubai. Our luxury fleets are well maintained with the highest service standards to ensure each client with a holistic luxury car rental in Dubai. If you are looking for luxury on wheels, then Limo in UAE is your ideal choice for a luxury traveling experience. 

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